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Vaping In Airports

E-cigarette zone opened at Heathrow

Gamucci, a London based electronic cigarette manufacturer, is now making its mark in vaping history by inaugurating the world’s first airport “vaping zone” for its users at London’s Heathrow later this November.

The new indoor vaping lounge occupies an area of 30 square metres and is scheduled to open on 25 November in the international departure area at Terminal 4. But not all will be admitted, minors are not allowed in its premises, according to Gamucci’s statement.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered device that allow its users to inhale nicotine-filled vapours from heated e-liquid and are touted to be a safer substitute to regular tobacco. Governments are still working out how to regulate them. Britain had initially planned on regulating them as medicine in June 2013 but the European Parliament junked the policy last October 2013.