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Vaper Empire E-Liquid Review

Vaper Empire – Twice on Sundae e-liquid review

When searching for e-liquid, the factor that weighs most heavily on the choice of most vapers is the flavour.

Among the flavours commercially sold, complex desserts are difficult to get right; it needs to blend subtle notes together – too much or too little of the secondary flavours will adversely affect the main flavour used, and it will either overpower or mute the flavour profile.


Finding the perfect ratio of flavourings is time-consuming and requires a very keen sense of taste. Other factors such as getting the right balance of PG to VG is important with dessert flavours, since unlike simple fruit e-liquids, desserts are more sensitive to the effects of PG and VG (PG tends to bring out the flavours and makes them sharper, while VG makes the vape smoother, while produces bigger clouds).

With this in mind, I was keen to try out Vaper Empire’s Twice on Sundae e-liquid. It is a thick and creamy vanilla custard with caramel.

In my experience, good custard flavours are not easy to come by; many commercially available ones are sometimes too overpowering, losing all background notes and may have a very artificial, almost chemical taste. They are also usually too sweet for my liking,

The e-liquid came in a lovely little 15ml glass bottle, with a convenient dropper in the cap, which is a nice touch. Fortunately, it survived the shipping process without any spillage despite being packaged in bubble wrap which apparently was opened by local customs

The label was even damaged, and I had to resort to looking through the Vaper Empire online catalog to figure out the name of the e-liquid; I would have preferred it to come in a protective box, but all is well since it arrived in one piece.

The e-liquid’s nicotine is 12mg, though they offer 0, 18 and 24mg as well. Higher nicotine levels are catered to vapers who prefer a stronger throat hit, or those who need more nicotine such as freshly converted heavy smokers.

I would recommend getting at least 18mg if you were a 1pack/day smoker, as well as some extra nicotine in case 18mg does not satisfy nicotine cravings. The bottle did not specify the PG/VG ratio, but it is probably around 50 or 60 PG since it isn’t as viscous as more VG heavy e-liquid.

Opening the bottle, the delicious aroma of caramel is immediately apparent, and I could also make out a hint of vanilla/custard as well. For reference, I tested this e-liquid on a 1-ohm coil using 28 AWG kanthal with cotton on a dripper with a 1.5mm airhole.

On the first hit, the flavour is a very clear and smooth caramel, though the eggy custard is readily apparent on the exhale and aftertaste. The caramel is very prominent, but harmonizes perfectly with the custard; I would say that it is definitely the strongest flavour element of the e-liquid.

Vaper Empire - EJuice

On cotton wicks, the caramel really pops out, but it does not compete with the custard or vanilla at all. The flavour is not overpoweringly sweet, and the different notes work very well together. The custard flavouring in particular is more subtle, but it supports the main flavour well; I actually like it, since it isn’t as “sticky” or overly rich as flavourings with custard as the primary element tend to be.

It really complements the caramel, making it very smooth and completely transforms the flavour profile of the caramel element – it covers up the almost bitter, sharper nutty notes while making the decadent milky/creamy (vanilla-like) notes pop out.

On the other hand, the vanilla is very subtle in the background. It is more of a “supporting” character for the caramel, enhancing the rich and creamy aspects. Overall, it is a very well layered flavour, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Naturally, I wanted to test the e-liquid on a mesh setup – mesh is absolutely lovely for complex flavours like tobaccos and custards. While it does slightly mute very bright and acid primary flavours like fruit, it brings out background and complex notes that are lost on cotton builds; this loss of complex flavours is especially true when using higher power settings.

I loaded up Twice on Sundae on a genesis atomizer with #500 mesh and a 1 ohm 30AWG coil on the lowest airflow setting possible (around 1.2mm), and I was blown away by the flavour. The difference is simply night and day; the caramel is even more smooth and mellow, while the vanilla’s more complex notes (particularly the beany/woody) finally make their appearance.

The custard is also enhanced by mesh; it is very rich and almost buttery to the point of becoming savory. In a mesh setup, Twice on Sundae goes down very well, and I would say it is definitely more palatable than on a cotton build.

Overall Conclusion

Twice on Sundae is a very decadent mix, with complex flavours that are layered really well. The flavours are full-bodied with astounding depth; it produces great vapor and a decent throat hit – I normally enjoy e-liquids with 20mg nicotine and above, as I prefer a stronger throat hit. Twice on Sundae gives a very full sensation on the back of the throat, something I find surprisingly enjoyable despite being only 12mg. It is a culinary masterpiece and definitely something one should try at least once!

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