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Legal Trends

Information on this page has not been verified, please double check with appropriate government agencies if you need reliable up to date facts. * Note – No medical licenses have been issued for any ecig or liquid nicotine product (April 2011), so where licenses and prescriptions are said to be required a ban is in […]

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E Cigarette Interview with Professor Riccardo Polosa I think that e-cig is a good solution to reduce the use of traditional cigarettes and their associated risk. Other valid options for tackling nicotine dependence in smokers exist, but it is still a personal choice how to introduce nicotine in his/her body. Each individual smoker should find […]

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About Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes heat liquid (which may contain nicotine) to make vapour for inhalation. They are intended to simulate smoking traditional combustible cigarettes and give smokers the feeling and pleasure of traditional smoking but without the flame, tar, ash or other products of combustion. Ethical traders and manufacturers market, label, and sell recreational nicotine products solely […]

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